Acoustic & Electric Guitars

At Rick’s Music World, we offer a wide range of acoustic, electric and bass guitars. If you see something you like or have any questions, don’t hesitate to get in touch. Our talented team will help you decide which option is best for you. Select an option below to jump to specific product sections.

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Acoustic Guitars

Yamaha FS-TA

Yamaha APX600

Yamaha FS800

Yamaha FG820-12

Yamaha FS830

Yamaha FG820

Yamaha FX325

Yamaha JR2

Ibanez AW54CE

Ibanez AC340L

Ibanez AW54

Ibanez PF1512

Ibanez PF14WK

Ibanez AEWC32FM

Ibanez IJVC50

Washburn HD10SCETB

Washburn WCG20SCE

Washburn WLO10SCE

Washburn WL012SE

Washburn WD7SCE

Washburn WG7SCE

Guild D55

Guild D140CE

Guild D120

Guild M240E

Guild F40

Guild OM240CE

Guild F2512

Guild D20

Electric Guitars

G&L Legacy Electric Guitar

G&L Doheny

G&L ASAT Classic Bluesboy Semi-Hollow

G&L ASAT Classic Bluesboy

G&L ASAT Classic

Ibanez AF55

Ibanez AS73G

Ibanez RG1070PBZ

Ibanez ARZ200FM

Ibanez GRGM21

Ibanez AM93QM

Ibanez AM53

Ibanez GRG121DX

Ibanez GART60FA

Ibanez GRX70QA

Ibanez GRG131DX

Guild S100


Bass Guitars

G&L LB100

g&gl 2000 bass

G&L L2000

Ibanez SR300E-BPM

Ibanez GSR200

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