TeacherZone Info & Login


Great News!

Welcome to TeacherZone!

Your School/Teacher loved you so much that they invested in the most cutting edge performing arts learning software in the world. You now have the latest technology at your fingertips on any device to enhance your learning and communications with your instructor the other 6 days a week! 

NOTE: Look for the “?” at the top of your TZ screen for video help tutorials. Also on the bottom of your TZ screen there is a “NEED HELP” tab as well!

Login and Profiles

Keep an eye out for your TZ Welcome Email which has your login and password! (check your junk mail just in case)

Once you’re logged in on any device, Students and Parents can now go set up your very own profiles in your very own portals! Add a profile pic, set your notification settings and you’re off to the races!

Practice and Chat!

All of your practice assignments, your lesson library, and chats from your teacher or groups will be waiting for you and you’ll also be notified as such via Text and Email!

Your easy to use student dashboard and Practice Timer will guide you through your assignments and your TZ chat messaging keeps you connected with your teacher the other 6 days a week!

TeacherZone on ANY DEVICE!

Login to TeacherZone anywhere! You can do the following:

  • Login on any browser on any phone, tablet, iPad, laptop, or desktop Computer
  • Download the TeacherZone Student App for Apple and Android and login!

Track it All!

Progress, Reports and Email/Text Notifications

All schedule changes, cancellations, no shows, practice reminders, practice arrivals and more will activate text or email notifications directly to you.

The following features and reports are at your fingertips as well:

  • Practice Reports
  • Attendance Reports
  • Cancelling Lessons
  • Billing History
  • All Teacher/Group Chat History
  • All File Sharing History