CA Series Pianos


Concert Artist Digital Piano

Since 1998, Kawai digital pianos have received over 35 prestigious international awards for excellence. This places our digital pianos among the most award-winning instruments in the global music products industry. We’ve received top awards for instruments in virtually every category of the digital piano world from home consoles to portable digitals to luxury hybrids to professional stage pianos. But the Kawai digital line that has garnered the most honors over the past two decades (14 international awards in all) is our CA “Concert Artist” Series. Since its inception, the CA Series has continually pushed past all boundaries.

CA models were the first to introduce our revolutionary Harmonic Imaging Sound Technology to the world; the first to utilize real wooden keys and authentic key movement in a digital piano action; the first to offer a color touchscreen for panel control; the first to use a real spruce soundboard to create natural, immersive tone in a digital piano — and the list goes on. The CA Series continues to receive international recognition and attention because it has been the technological flagship for an entire industry. But, in the end, its main goal transcends all the accolades. The Kawai CA Series digital pianos exist for one reason — to provide you with a deeply fulfilling musical experience that will satisfy your soul.