APPA Exams are Coming, Sign Up by May 1st!

APPA Exams

APPA: Annual Assessment of Progress and Achievement is our system of evaluation developed for PPS students as an assessment of Technique,Sight Reading,Theory, General Knowledge, and Repertoire.

APPA provides a great opportunity for students to perform for other PPS faculty members in an examination setting, and they will receive valuable feedback on t heir music abilities. If a student isnot taking CM, ABRSM, or other annual assessments or examinations, APPA will be a valuable program for students to set goals and achieve them in a timely manner.

There are 10 levels of APPA to complete, and the requirements are listed in our syllabus. Please ask your teacher for the syllabus and application form.

This year, our APPA evaluations will be conducted online. Students will play for an adjudicator live via Zoom and will receive an electronic evaluation feedback and scoring sheet, as well as a certificate of the level they completed – to be given out to the student at a later date.

APPA will be held on the last weekend of May this year (Fri, 29 to Sun, 31) . The deadline to apply is May1. Please have the enrollment form returned to your teacher by Friday, May 1 with your repertoire listing and your information.