Stephanie Talley


Stephanie Talley

About Stephanie Talley

Stephanie Talley is a piano teacher who fell in love with the piano and classical music at the age of 8. She is a graduate of Angelo State University. She is classically trained and loves having the opportunity to pass that along to her students.

Stephanie has been teaching piano for 20 years and has extensive experience teaching private lessons in her home, teaching for a music conservatory, and directing summer music camps. She founded and taught at Music Haven which was a preschool music program for young musicians.

Her passion is watching children begin their musical journey and she strives to teach a solid foundation of music skills so the students can take that skill and flourish. Stephanie believes that music is a language that has the power to evoke deep feelings at the core of the shared human experience.

In all her lessons she emphasizes the importance of reading music, technique, and performing with emotion. Being able to see and understand the structure of the pieces and how it is put together is essential and is essential in the study of music.

Many of her students over the past 20 years have gone on to play in middle school, high school and college bands.

Stephanie is also a certified special education teacher.