Oscar Villanueva


Oscar Villanueva

About Oscar Villanueva

Oscar is an enthusiastic teacher and dedicated musician who has been teaching for over a decade in Austin and abroad. At an early age, he was surrounded by Colombian folk and Latin American music and exposed to different instruments and styles which sparked his interest in the guitar. A few years later, he was fortunate to play for Leo Brouwer in Cuba and was then inspired to pursue his guitar studies professionally.

Eventually, he left his hometown, Bogotá, in order to continue his musical studies at the University of North Texas, where he began his studies in classical guitar under Thomas Johnson’s tutelage. Later on, he relocated to Austin, where he completed his Bachelor of Music and was part of the Master’s program, at the University of Texas under the direction of Adam Holzman, for two years.

Oscar has been fortunate to share his love for music with students in Colombia, Austin and most recently in New Zealand, as part of the Lakes Performing Arts Centre. He enjoys teaching a variety of styles played on classical, acoustic and electric guitar. In his free time, he enjoys spending time at home with his wife and two daughters.

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