Kera Krause

Voice, Piano & Ukulele

Kera Krause

About Kera Krause

Kera Krause is a musician and teacher based in Austin, Texas.

Kera has been a passionate singer/songwriter for the majority of her life and followed her love of music to learn many instruments, including piano, ukulele and guitar. Shortly after earning her Associate’s Degree in Music in 2017, Kera began teaching private music lessons. While her roots began in classical concert band and folk music, Kera has experience in many genres. Lessons are catered to the styles that the student enjoys while also learning basic technique and theory. Kera has performed solo and as the lead vocalist with her indie rock band After Aristotle for the last 7 years.

As a Studio Recording Artist, Kera has recorded vocals and music of many genres including rock, country, acoustic, jazz, electronic and hip hop. When she is not teaching, Kera enjoys being outside in nature, teaching yoga and playing music with her friends.