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Group Classes for Ages 4+

North Fulton School of Music is one of the few and first private music schools in Georgia who offer a Preschool program.

Every student performs better when they know what is expected of them. This is especially true of preschool aged children. Our preschool program offers one-on-one sessions that introduce your preschooler to music in engaging, yet structured, half-hour lessons. Youngsters learn that music is meant to be fun while developing the basic skills required to appreciate and play many different types of music.

Through our preschool lessons for kids, your child will:

– Learn the fundamentals of music
– Develop an increased ability to grasp abstract concepts
– Develop an increased attention span
– Prepare for and perform at a recital in front of a live audience

If your child is interested in music, has basic command of counting, colors and the alphabet, and is at least 4 years old, now is the time to start them on their musical journey.

kids in group class learning music

“My two daughters have been part of North Fulton School of Music for a few years and I can honestly say that it has been the greatest thing I have ever done. Under new management I strongly believe that it has been for the best, the owner shows interest in what goes on, makes everyone feel welcome.”

— Alexandra M.

“My son has been attending lessons at the North Fulton School of Music for a few months now and absolutely loves it! He’s only 8 but his weekly lesson is what he looks forward to most. The teachers are patient and just wonderful.”

— Nicky S.

“North Fulton School of Music is perfect for anyone with musical pursuits, whether it’s a desire to improve technique and skill, or develop better performance. The school creates opportunities to suit the needs of its students and the teachers are very capable and experienced. ”

— Starting Fires Band

“My 2 children and I have been taking lessons for the last several years from the North Fulton School of Music. All of us have improved in our musical prowess. I have since produced and recorded several original songs, and the guidance from the instructors at the school has been fantastic!”

— Anand S.