Performance Opportunities

student playing the piano

We at North Fulton School of Music believe learning should happen not only within the classroom but out in the real world. This is one of the main reasons why we provide performance opportunities to students as they can help students to grow as a musician. Performances help students to work on their stage presence and gives them an opportunity to perform for their friends, family, and other supportive musicians. It’s also a good opportunity to set some performance goals and have music performance ready. The more students perform, the easier it becomes to perform.

NFSM Recitals

North Fulton School of Music offers various performance opportunities throughout the year. Among these opportunities are our annual recitals. We hold a major recital in the fall where students can showcase what they’ve learned in lessons. Recitals are open to the public. Our recitals offer a chance for family and friends to come watch their students’ performances and we welcome the public to attend.

student playing the violin

Community Events

North Fulton School of Music participates in various community events throughout the year. These events offer our students opportunities to perform in public and use the skills they’ve learned in lessons out in the real world. We also put on and participate in recitals, festivals, and many other events throughout the year. North Fulton School of Music students have performed at Philips Arena, Turner Field, Red Clay Theater, Famous Pub, Pure Woodstock, Roswell Arts and Crafts festival, City of Alpharetta Christmas events, Milton Roundup, Menchie’s, Scoops, Cans Taqueria, Belly’s Pizza and other venues across the Atlanta metro area. Many of these performance opportunities are at no additional charge to students, and participants in live events are accompanied and managed by North Fulton School of Music staff.

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Open Mic

North Fulton School of Music offers various performance opportunities throughout the year. Among these opportunities are our Open Mic events. Open Mics are designed to allow students to perform in a low-pressure, informal, and supportive environment . These performances help students gain valuable experience playing in front of an audience. Open Mics are the first steps for musicians who wish to become performing artists and even a great way for experienced musicians to try out new music or simply jam.

students getting medals at the recital

Karaoke Events

North Fulton School of Music offers yet another informal performance opportunity, this time tailored towards voice students. The Karaoke Events are held at local restaurants and venues and are very similar to the Open Mics in that this is an informal and low-stress performance opportunity for students. Unlike traditional Karaoke, no lyric machines will be present. Instead, students submit a backing/karaoke track to the office at least 3 days prior to the event. The student memorizes the lyrics and performs their song using the backing track they provided.

student singing in Alpharetta ga music school

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