Maria L. | Pleasanton, CA

Guitar instructor Didier Bouvet has made our daughter’s guitar instructions very memorable, life altering and beyond positive experience. We could not ask for a better instructor! I don’t know if our daughter ever told you but guitar was not even her initial instrument of choice. She had her heart set on drums. But no drum school/instructors to be found. We stumbled upon the guitar instruction idea when we first attended a walk-in observation on one of your recitals/open house almost 2-3 yrs ago at the academy and met you in the process. I don’t know if you remembered that, (she) sure does!

You are a very commited and passionate teacher and our daughter could not have a better suited instructor. Thank you for your endless compliments, patience and attentiveness to my child. She NEVER wants to stop attending classes from you.

You are an AWESOME person and an excellent guitar instructor!

Thanks for everything that you do for (her)……