Tenia Nelson

Piano, Percussion

Tenia Nelson

About Tenia Nelson

I live, eat and breathe music!! I am a pianist, percussionist and educator that lives in Denver, Co! I have 15 years plus teaching experience in ALL levels(Early Childhood Education through University). I received my Bachelors of Music Education Degree from Metro State University of Denver in 2004 and my Masters of Music Degree( Jazz Studies) from the University of Colorado at Boulder in 2010.

When I am not teaching I am playing all over Denver and the world. I am a freelance music artist that plays all types of music! I play in a well known Denver based group, Spherio, in which focuses on arranging and playing the music of Thelonious Sphere Monk. As well as playing all over the Denver area, my music and groups have also been heard many times on Denver’s KUVO, which is one of the best jazz radio stations in the world!

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