Steve Ehrhardt

Guitar, Piano, Drums

Steve Ehrhardt

About Steve Ehrhardt

Steve Ehrhardt began playing in rock bands when he was 12 and attended The Dillard School of Performing Arts, and The Interlochen Arts Academy, ultimately graduating with a Masters Degree in Classical Guitar Performance from The University of Colorado.

He studied Early Music with Charles Wolzien, Classical Guitar with Manuel Barrueco at The Peabody Conservatory, jazz under Bucky Pizzarelli and Peter Bernstein at The William Patterson College, the music of Paul Hindemith with Joseph Iadone, and jazz guitar performance with Dale Bruning. He studied composition and performance under Art Lande and started the band Corn Maze with Art, performing locally, including Dazzle Jazz. Since then he’s put out numerous albums of original work, and has performed with many local bands in the Denver area, including Kronen, a major pop/rock band that performs at large venues in the Denver area, including The Fox Theater, The Bluebird and The Gothic. He also studied African Music with Fara Tolno and Alya Syla, performing at festivals with the West African band, Kissudugu. He is currently a professional guitarist in the Denver area, featured as a jazz, classical, and pop solo guitarist. He is the guitarist in the highly creative guitar, bass and drum trio Tie Dye Sushi, featuring original music, and cover grooves. Steve taught at the University of Colorado, the Rocky Mountain Center of Musical Arts, Lessons In Your Home and in his private teaching practice.

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