Spencer Lyons

Piano, Guitar, Ukulele, Composition

Spencer Lyons

About Spencer Lyons

With an inquisitive attitude towards the human condition, Spence deLéon is best known for the emotional intensity of his musical compositions.

With premiers in the United States and Europe, his experience and diversity have strengthened his understanding of what drives the human spirit and what impacts it most effectively. As an undergraduate he studied jazz guitar and composition at the Metropolitan State University of Denver and received his Master’s in music composition from the University of Denver.

It is certainly clear that the importance of the transformative power of music drives his compositional output as well as his desire to be a guiding light for those around him. “Music has and continues to change my life in profound ways that I cannot begin to explain and to those musicians whose works I admire, I am eternally grateful. Therefor it is my obligation to return the favor to teach younger musicians and continue the tradition laid down before me.” Spence deLéon teaches guitar, piano, ukulele, composition, and theory.

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