Lauren Podjun

Voice, Ukulele, Beginner Piano, Songwriting

Lauren Podjun

About Lauren Podjun

Lauren Podjun is a 22-year-old Singer-songwriter, composer, and vocalist. She has earned two associate degrees in Vocal Performance and Music Education from Casper College located in Casper, Wyoming. She is now pursuing a Singer-songwriter bachelor’s degree at the University of Colorado, Denver.

Lauren teaches ukulele, piano, voice and is involved in theatre. Lauren has been playing the piano since she was 8 years old. She uses her piano skills to write her own compositions. She performed in her high school’s big bands playing jazz piano. In 2017, Lauren received awards at the Greeley Jazz and Kinzer Jazz festivals for her piano and vocal performances. She began studying voice at the age of 12. The vocal genres that she has studied are classical, opera, choral, jazz, folk, musical theatre, and pop. In addition to piano and voice, Lauren first picked up a ukulele in the summer of 2016 and hasn’t let go of it since. The ukulele is Lauren’s favorite instrument to compose her songs with. She loves teaching others to play that powerful little instrument. In 2019, Lauren competed in the Wyoming Singer-Songwriter Competition and placed 3rd in the state. In 2020, she returned and placed 2nd for top songwriter and had the honor of receiving the #1 Top Song in the state. Songwriting is Lauren’s passion in life; she wants to inspire others to write their own music or to simply be creative in ways that best suit them. Lauren has additionally been involved in theatre as a stage performer in over 20 productions. Some of her favorite roles include Miss Potts in Beauty and the Beast and Martha Brewster in Arsenic and Old Lace. Lauren has taught music students whose ages range anywhere from 4 years old to 54 years old. She says “My favorite part about being a music teacher is that I get to help grow a skill that they can be proud of. The look on a student’s face when they finally achieve something they have worked so hard to get right is pure gold to me.” Lauren is also a gigging musician; she has traveled all over Wyoming playing her music for people and is excited to branch out into Colorado. She also enjoys giving performances and masterclasses at nursing homes, hospitals, museums, public schools, and charity events. She has provided music at charity events for organizations such as The Food for Thought Project, an organization that provides food to impoverished kids, and Mimi’s House, which provides a home for displaced teens. “The people are always amazing! I am honored to help those who are doing good in the world”, Lauren says. Her career path is to become a full-time musician, composer, and music educator. Her days are filled with nonstop music, and she says she wouldn’t have it any other way. Lauren is excited to get you started on your musical journey.

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