Kalia Bethany

Piano, Violin, Vocals

Kalia Bethany

About Kalia Bethany

Kalia Bethany has been a teacher of music since 1999. Educated at the University of Minnesota, MacPhail School of Music, and many years of private lessons, she led with her vocal and violin skills during her years of performing for churches, weddings, conferences, and clubs. She has produced 2 CDs with longtime partner, Marie Garry and the musical group AURORA.

Her love for children and non-authoritative discipline style is what makes her a good teacher; instilling in the child a love of discovery, and the joy of learning rather than harsh discipline. Practice is important and taught to be so, but not at the expense of joy and fun!

She enjoys children from 5 – 70, and teaches all the elements of music: rhythm, note-reading, dynamics, form, style, melody and harmony, in the three areas she teaches: piano, voice and violin. She has enjoyed student families in Minneapolis, Ft Worth, Texas, and Eugene, Oregon, and looks forward to teaching students in the rich learning environment of Denver’s Neighborhood Music Stapleton!

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