Ian Skaronea

Saxophone / Flute / Clarinet / Piano

Ian Skaronea

About Ian Skaronea

Ian Skaronea began playing the saxophone at a young age, with more than twenty years of experience in this instrument. As a Denver native he attended both middle and high school at the Denver School of the Arts before studying Jazz saxophone performance at SUNY Purchase in New York State.

During his time as a student he studied with Mark Vinci, Eric Alexander, Arturo O’Farrill, and Todd Coolman. In addition to the saxophone, Ian is also proficient in piano, clarinet and flute.

He has played in the Colorado scene for 10 years and has performed at many concert halls, Jazz clubs and toured the country with the band Salem. During his time in New York he has played at Jazz clubs such as Birdland, Smalls, and Smoke. As well as Avery Fisher Hall. Ian premiered Pete Malinverni’s The Good Shepherd Suite with the Purchase Jazz Orchestra. He was part of a latin big band that performed the classic Chico O Farril piece Afro-Cuban Jazz Suite.

As a teacher, his goal is to spark a passion for music in his students and help them find their own voice as they gain proficiency in their instrument. He believes musical literacy is an essential part of development and that learning an instrument at any age is a great goal. He is excited to help his students find their love of music!

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