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Austin Kinard

About Austin Kinard

Originally from Ocala, Florida, Austin holds a B.A in Music and Certificate in Jazz Studies from Missouri Southern State University. Currently, he is pursuing an M.M. in Music Performance from the University of Denver with trumpet as his main instrument, though he continues to play piano in ensembles as he can.

He began as a self-taught musician before beginning trumpet lessons in high school and eventually beginning piano lessons while pursuing a degree in music. Today, Austin maintains many musical hobbies outside of teaching and performing including: learning new instruments, arranging, and writing music for film. His goal is to have a diverse and fulfilling career in as many areas as possible, because he believes that being familiar with many styles and having a large skillset is the best way to maximize your musicianship. He hopes to inspire future generations by finding new and creative ways to get young musicians engaged in music through their individual interests.

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