Alec Wenzel

Guitar, Ukulele

Alec Wenzel

About Alec Wenzel

Alec Wenzel has been playing guitar for eleven years and after four years of studying at both the Lamont school of Music and The University of Glasgow has earned a bachelor’s degree in Jazz and Commercial Music Guitar Performance. Alec is interested in performing all styles of Jazz, funk, blues, and pop music and blending their unique sounds.

Alec grew up in the suburbs of Chicago studying blues music and playing with local acts in the Chicago land area. He cites his parent’s blues and zydeco records as the starting point for his obsession with the guitar. Alec now lives in Denver working as a teacher, composer, freelance guitar player, and plays with his two regular bands “The Grand Tour” and “Specific Ocean.” Alec as a teacher hopes to foster a love of music through teaching basic universal concepts that will allow his students to study and excel in any style of music they wish. Alec is passionate about teaching and seeks create a fun relaxed environment by teaching students of all ages to excel through music they want to learn.

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