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AJ Salas

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AJ Salas has been a performer and educator since 1996. Starting piano at age six, AJ progressed very quickly. He had written his first song by age nine and arranged it for a ten piece Tower of Power/Earth Wind and Fire style R&B group. At age 13 he had written and arranged a “boogie-woogie” style piano concerto for the Colorado Symphony and performed it at a contemporary artist tribute in 1998. Salas wowed large crowds at the People’s Fair, the Cherry Creek Arts Festival and several other big-time local events.
He’s also jammed with the Reverend Billy C. Wirtz and hung out with B.B. King. By the time he had approached high school he had opportunities to share the stage with Stanley Turrentine, and Ike Turner, as well as perform live on FM 103.5 the Fox’s Radio show Strictly Blues. In 1999, Salas received a scholarship to the Colorado Conservatory for the Jazz Arts, where he studied closely with local and national greats such as Paul Romain, Eric Gunnison, Greg Gisbert, Ken Walker, Jeff Jenkins, Pat Bianchi, Paul Musso, Hugh Reagan, and more.

After high school he quickly took the opportunity to tour the world with music, seeing Africa, Europe, South America and most of North America. AJ is currently pursuing an active career in music production, and will attend school in the fall of 2013 with the end goal of receiving a Master’s degree in Film Scoring.

Teaching has always been a passion for Salas. He firmly believes that every person has the ability to do great things, no matter the age. He places an emphasis on ear training, technique and sight reading, while music theory is the driving force of every lesson. With a little hard work and dedication, he can help you develop your own musical voice.

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