Addy Himle

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Addy Himle

About Addy Himle

Addy Himle is an accomplished performer and educator from Denver, Colorado. Growing up in a musical family, Addy was trained in classical piano and musical theatre from childhood. After discovering a love for jazz music in high school, she switched her focus to jazz piano performance and was trained through the Colorado Conservatory for the Jazz Arts under Bijoux Barbosa and Paul Romaine.

She holds a Bachelor’s degree in Jazz Piano Performance with a minor in Theatre from Metropolitan State University of Denver, where she studied under world-renowned faculty, including Dawn Clement, Shane Endsley, and Ron Miles. Previously, Addy worked at the Denver Center of the Performing Arts in the education department directing middle school music, where she cultivated her love for teaching. Currently, she resides at Neighborhood Musicteaching piano, voice, and acting. Specializing in working with young ages and beginner level students, Addy is able to simplify complex concepts as well as ensure that music education stays fun and accessible for all. Addy is also active in many performance groups in the Denver area.

She is a keyboardist and vocalist in the funk-soul band, Hand Turkey, and has performed at venues such as Globe Hall, The Moxie theater and The Aggie theater. Addy is also a founder and member of the indie-pop duo, Ruby Lamb; a band that rearranges well known songs into unique instrumentations, as well as produces original genre bending compositions. Addy also is very active in the improvised theatre community, and produces a monthly show with the comedy group Dr. Bitslinger. With a complex background in many art forms, Addy embraces her unique perspective, distinct performance style, and passion for creation to inspire not only her students,but anyone who gets to know her.

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