Addy Himle

Piano, Voice, Theater

Addy Himle

About Addy Himle

Addy grew up in a home filled with sounds- her mom playing the piano and saxophone and her dad singing and playing the trumpet. At age four she started formal piano training through the Children’s Music Academy of Parker and continued private instruction throughout high school.

During her sophomore year, she joined the jazz band which not only sparked her love for all genres of music, but solidified her passion for jazz. She trained with the Colorado Conservatory for Jazz Arts before beginning her studies in jazz performance at Metropolitan State University of Denver. In addition to her jazz performance degree in piano and voice, she is also majoring in theatre, and works in the education department for the Denver Center for the Performing Arts, directing middle school music. In her free time she is a member of the band JEMLE, as well as Broad Squad, an all women improv group that fuses music with comedy.

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