Showbiz Production Camp


Act & Perform & Full Set & Costumes

In our annual, full theater production selection for 2020, Newsies, every aspect of the backstage theater experience will be explored. Students will refine their acting to confidently perform in a professional-level show for family and friends. All of the lights, handmade background scenes, and full period costumes will be assembled especially for the final thrilling performance. We can’t wait to see the students shine

Date : July 13-24
Session times: 9-4 PM
Ages: 7-14 yrs
Theatrical Performance: July 23-24

***All Camp Sales Final. NM will try to help you, but you are responsible for selling your spot to another student if you are unable to attend camp.

We are getting very excited about camps and the opportunity to work with your students. Thank you for trusting us. It’s a weird year and everything is changing quickly. We completely understand that, but we still need to accurately plan for camp both from a supply standpoint and also staffing. We are quadrupling our staff this year for camps. Our camps are also labor-intensive and require a lot of prep work.

Moving forward, we are asking for a two-week notice if you plan to drop camp and would like to receive a credit or refund. We will not provide credits or refunds if a two-week notice is not given. We look forward to seeing you in camp!

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