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Music Lessons in Natomas, CA


Offering music lessons for all ages

We offer music lessons on guitar, drums, violin, voice, piano, ukulele, woodwinds and brass instruments all in one location for both adults and children either on-line or at our studio!

Natomas School of Music gets you really jazzed about playing an instrument and experiencing music in so many ways! Kids love building self-confidence and self-esteem as they develop their musical talent, a talent only an individual can do for him or herself.

We offer you the opportunity to have your child start at a young age, developing aspects of their brain that connect math and science through music doing fun music craft workshops, playing simple instruments and rhythms, reading music notation and more.

Voice & Singing 7+ yrs

Voice & Singing

The vocal instrument is a complex living system and healthy technique is the key to lifelong enjoyment. Let our instructors guide you on your journey of expression and discovery.

Guitar & Ukulele 5+ yrs

Guitar & Ukulele

One of the foundational instruments of contemporary music, our guitar and ukulele instructors teach across genres and will equip you to play for yourself or as part of a group.

Piano 5+ yrs


The piano is both approachable for young beginners and richly complex for advanced players, and is perfect for learning to read music and building a strong musical foundation.

Violin & Viola  7+ yrs

Violin & Viola 

Whether you want to learn the classics or contemporary pieces, our instructors will help you master the bowing and finger technique needed to excel at this captivating instrument.

Woodwinds 7+ yrs


Whether you are wanting to augment your band studies or learn for fun, clarinet lessons will help you develop a beautiful sound and a strong musical foundation.

Cello 7+ yrs


Cello lessons will help you to develop strong fundamentals and play without tension to create a clear and beautiful sound on this soulful instrument.

Drums 5+ yrs


The drum kit is an energetic instrument that cultivates precise rhythm and strong music fundamentals. Learn to create fun and complex beats while developing healthy technique.

Brass 7+ yrs


Learn how to play the trumpet, cornet, tuba, trombone and more. Private brass lessons are a great supplement to school music programs. Study your favorite genre with your teacher.

Virtual Lessons 7+ yrs

Virtual Lessons

Natomas School of Music also offers virtual music lessons. Learn with our teachers from anywhere!

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