Garage Band

ROCK OUT with our Band Leaders!


Garage Band is one of the most fun programs we offer. After auditions, we pair up 4-5 students that are at similar skill level and appropriate age to form a band. This program consists of 6 practices for 2 hours each weekend as a band led by one of our instructors. It concludes with a final performance off campus for all of our bands to rock out!

This is for students that can play 2-3 songs to completion already. They will be learning new songs to play with their band. Not everyone who tries out is guaranteed a spot due to limited teachers and spaces available. It is FREE to register to audition!

Cost is $350 per student once making the band.

Have your own band?
Join Band Development and perform at Garage band shows and other local venues. Fill out the form below and select interested in Band Development.

Do not have to be a Musicians Woodshed student to auditions. Open to public.


Garage Band Auditions

Free to Audition! Open to the Public, Do not have to be a student with the Woodshed to Audition. If you make a band it is $350.00 per Band Member. All ages: Youth ( age 7) to Adult. Must be able to play 3 songs at the auditions. Have your own band? Join our Band Development program.

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