Simon Tiffin

Piano, Voice

Simon Tiffin

About Simon Tiffin

Having studied classically from the age of six, the piano is a core aspect of Simon’s life. Upon entering college at the University of Illinois where he received his Bachelors in Music, he discovered and developed his passion for vocal coaching, which coincided well with his love for piano. Singing proved to be a challenging, yet worthwhile musical endeavor. Simon’s teachers were knowledgeable, passionate vocalists & pianists, and he was grateful for the many valuable lessons he was able to glean from each of his mentors.

“College was a time I used to execute intense vocal training and gain extensive experience accompanying singers, instrumentalists, and choirs. As someone who had to work incredibly hard to get where I am today, having been able to schedule performances in venues such as Lincoln Center and Carnegie Hall, I recognize the importance of a good teacher. I have consolidated my education and experience into a methodology and teaching philosophy that is friendly, historically-informed, and effective. I look forward to working with all of my future students!”

In his spare time, Simon enjoys reading, hiking, and playing video games.