Preston Treece


Preston Treece

About Preston Treece

Preston Treece is a contemporary songwriter/instrumentalist who surrounds himself with music at all times. He is equipped with 10+ years of Drum experience, 9 years of Guitar/Bass experience, 5 years of Music Theory experience, 4 years of Ukulele experience, 3 years of DAW experience (Logic Pro X),
2 years of Piano experience and 1 year of Vocal experience.

Preston graduated from Columbia College Chicago where earned his Bachelor’s in Contemporary Urban and Popular Music. He lets his passion for music speak in his day to day activities. When Preston is not performing in his various bands and live acts, he organizes local concerts with other local bands.

Preston’s teaching style could be described as an in-depth look at guitar theory, techniques and songwriting skills through musical examples. He can teach a student all the classic techniques and approaches to music, while showing them how to apply it in a modern sense. Students will learn how to play new music and listen to their old favorites with a new musical ear. The class will center around styles of music that are most interesting and useful to the student.

Some personal hobbies of his include writing music in his home studio, painting and going on walks (even in the snow)!