Nicholas “Nic” Sanders


Nicholas “Nic” Sanders

About Nicholas “Nic” Sanders

Nicholas Sanders first began taking piano lessons at the age of five and has had a lifelong passion for music ever since. Nic’s youth saw him explore many different forms of music, from classical to musicals, using an array of different instruments.

At the age of 18, Nic began his studies at Millikin University where he majored in Commercial Music and would go on to graduate Summa Cum Laude with his Bachelor’s in Music degree. While pursuing his undergraduate degree, Nic was a lead soloist in the top college jazz band as well performing with a several different ensembles including some student lead commercial albums to being the keyboardist in the school’s musicals.

Nic has a Masters in Music degree from Southern Illinois University where he studied Music Theory and Composition. As a composer, Nic writes a for a wide variety ensembles and styles including solo piano works, choral music, one-act musicals and much more. At SIU, Nic was an instructor and graduate assistant of various classes, including teaching class piano, music theory and being an accompanist for a large number private lessons and classes at the School of Music.

Nic’s goals for teaching mirror his own experiences as a pianist. He strives to open his students to a wide variety of musical styles and techniques which he believes help cultivate a lifelong passion for music. Whether it is classical, jazz, or pop, Nic hopes to find the right styles for each student so that they can have the personalized learning experience they deserve.

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