Miranda Molina


Miranda Molina

About Miranda Molina

Miranda C. Molina (she/her) is a singer, saxophonist, and teacher in the Chicagoland area who is excited to be teaching with Musical Expressions.  Since the age of four, Miranda has been deeply involved in music performance and education.

Miranda used to dream of being a teacher as a child and even taught her friends to sing rather than play outside. Her experience involves 15+ years of musical theater performance, 20+ years of vocal instruction, 10+ years of saxophone instruction, and an extensive background in teaching young musicians.

She is a graduate of the University of Illinois Urbana- Champaign where she studied Music Education with a focus in Choral and Instrumental education. Miranda is proud to be a Golden Apple Scholar for Illinois. She is committed to bringing music education to students in schools of need and to those who cannot otherwise obtain music instruction in their lives.

Miranda strives to meet every musician at their education level and progress their knowledge by using the student’s musical interest to keep them engaged. In her free time, Miranda is fan of everything true crime related and considers herself an “armchair detective”.

If there’s a famous case, she’s heard of it and has her own theories on who the real criminal is. In fact, one of her favorite musical motifs is “dun dun” at the end of the Law and Order intro.