Megan Radowick


Megan Radowick

About Megan Radowick

Soprano Megan Radowick holds a Bachelor’s degree in Voice Performance from the University of Texas at San Antonio and a Master’s degree in Voice Performance from the Chicago College of Performing Arts at Roosevelt University.

Megan has been teaching voice lessons for the last six years, encouraging students to study music in a variety of styles, including belt and musical theater. She strives to create a positive, healthy environment for voices to develop. With an emphasis on proper breathing technique, she focuses on tapping into ways that the student can be their most expressive self and on having fun while discovering their inner voice.

​Megan has cultivated her classical singing through recital work and children’s outreach programs, to staged productions, both operatic and musical theater. She has a passion for inclusiveness and embraces your vocal transition. She welcomes students seeking speech therapy, either masculinization or feminization. Speech therapy is a great way to make sure changes are happening in the healthiest way possible and will be sustainable. She believes every voice has a great story to tell!

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