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“We are the music makers, and we are the dreamers of dreams”
from Ode by Arthur O’Shaughnessy

The piano came with the house. That’s how it all started. There was an old upright piano in the basement that would have been very difficult to move. I believe there were 11 broken keys but my siblings and I still managed to plunk out a few tunes. In second grade our school hired a music teacher who became my piano teacher. Every Tuesday she ate a quick lunch, walked down to my house and gave me a piano lesson. We’d walk back to school together and finish the day. The 30 minutes I spent with her were always fun and exciting. Turning a page to a new song was always a joy. Well, except for Dark Eyes, a Russian folk song with timing beyond my comprehension. She saw my struggle and understood my frustration and let me move on to the next piece. I did not receive a gold star on that page, rather it may have been blue or red but it was the only star in the book that wasn’t gold. I learned more than how to read music from my dear teacher. I learned that I would not be good at all my pieces and that it was okay to move on. That valued lesson has carried me through much more than my musical journey, it has followed me though life.

Music lessons, piano or otherwise, are a treasured gift. You will learn much more than which note applies to which key. You will learn about yourself. I like to tell my students there are three reasons to play the piano. The first being you’d like to hear a particular piece. The second being, that someone else would like to hear a piece. The third is, maybe the best reason to take piano lessons, your fingers love to fly! There are pieces of music that make your fingers do things you never thought possible.

There is a reason making music on the piano is referred to as “playing” the piano. Each finger pressed, each tone expressed is filled with joy much like a playing a game. Every emotion can be expressed through music. You are, indeed, fortunate if you not only enjoy music but are able to play music. How absolutely delightful!

If you are an adult who had piano lessons as a child but no longer plays, please come back. I will fill in the blanks and take away the struggle of sight reading. If you are a parent please trust me with your child. I will do my best to keep their interest and give them life long skills. If you or your child stopped lessons due to a lack of interest, please give me a try. Sometimes material is just not clicking with the student. There is so much beautiful, exciting music to work with this should never happen.

As a teacher for more than 30 years my goal is always the same. Learn to play what brings you joy and be able to do that for the rest of your life.

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