Josh Ruebeck

Voice, Guitar

Josh Ruebeck

About Josh Ruebeck

Josh is a songwriter, vocalist, and multi-instrumentalist with a love for music in many styles. They hold a BA in Music from Carleton College, where they studied vocal performance and composition. “They currently perform original folk music under the moniker Measuring Marigolds and indie rock with their band Better Odds. In the past, they’ve performed with many festival choirs and given solo recitals of classical repertoire.

Their approach to voice teaching puts the student’s experiences and sensations front and center as the most important guide to healthy singing. Although their training is in classical technique and repertoire, they have a passion for applying that technical foundation to pop styles and finding a student’s unique voice in whatever genre they want to explore.

They also teach beginning guitar, with a specialty in acoustic/finger-picking styles of playing.

When not teaching or performing music, Josh enjoys studying languages (currently focused on Yiddish and Hebrew) and cooking unnecessarily complicated meals.

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