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Hershyl Edwards

About Hershyl Edwards

Hershyl Edwards is a multi-instrumental musician and songwriter/composer who has been a music lover for life and has studied music since the age of 9. He’s been a music professional since the age of 17 and has been a music teacher for the last 14 years. He was an all-state musician and recipient of the National Choral award. As a student at University of Illinois, he majored in music composition, sang in the Concert Choir, and began navigating his way as a professional musician, performing in clubs around the Midwest. After college he started and joined several bands, performing in Chicago and Midwest venues big and small. Notable venues include the Metro, Ravinia, and Orchestra Hall. He has written and recorded music as a solo artist as well as with several bands and larger ensembles. After several years as a professional musician, Hershyl found his way into music instruction. He immediately found it rewarding, and was soon striving to be like the musical mentors that inspired him so much.

Since starting though, his experience has taught him that no one method works for every student so he makes sure to work to tailor the lessons to fit the wants and needs of the student. Hershyl believes that no matter how seriously one takes music, whether a hobbyist or professional, it should be a fun experience and will always try to bring that to the lesson environment.

Hershyl teaches drums and percussion, professionally specializing in drum set in the general rock, pop, funk and R&B styles, but he also has a background in classical, marching, and musical theatre percussion. He also teaches voice, professionally specializing in rock, pop, and R&B styles but with a background in classical training.

In addition, he has experience with grade school through high school symphonic and jazz percussion music curricula, as well as with solo vocal and choral music curricula. He also has experience prepping students for ILMEA auditions.

That said, he ultimately prefers to find the music that most inspires his students. This is what he believes is the basis for every student’s drive to practice and improve as a musician. Hershyl will encourage them to set early goals to get the student on the path to learning the styles they want. In addition, ear training, theory and music reading are offered in order to help the student build a strong musical foundation.

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