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Greg Luberda

About Greg Luberda

Teaching and learning music is one of the most satisfying pursuits one can do. I have been involved in both now for over 15 years. My goal is to make music as fun and engaging as possible. I can offer insight into music and composers of all styles and periods. I have extensive training in music theory and have been a theory tutor for children and college students. I am also very interested in music composition and production.

I hold a Masters of Music in Piano Performance from Northern Illinois University, and a Bachelors of Music in Piano Performance from Valparaiso University.
Pedagogy (the study of teaching an instrument), was one of my major interests while attending college. I received specialized instruction in pedagogy by professors Dr. Joseph Bognar at Valparaiso, and Dr. JeongSoo Kim at Northern Illinois.

I have been teaching piano for 10 years now. Since all students are different, it is important to engage them using a variety of different strategies. Capturing the student’s interest, as well as maintaining an honest, kind, and professional relationship with parents is at the core of my teaching philosophy.

I offer a well-rounded music lesson experience that involves a firm grounding in music theory, sight reading, and technique. I also understand that music lessons should be fun and engaging and they give students the opportunity to play music of many different genres including classical, jazz, and pop. I can teach students of all abilities from beginners to advanced. I am always excited to meet and teach new students.

​In addition to teaching, I am also a member of the renowned Oakton Six Piano Ensemble, which performs local recitals in the spring, and throughout the country during the fall.

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