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Cameron Heinz

About Cameron Heinz

Cameron Heinz has been playing and studying music from the age of eight. While starting out with the viola, at age nine he transitioned his primary focus to drums and percussion under the careful tutelage of local music shop owner and educator Andrew Hix.

At the age of sixteen, Cameron also began taking guitar lessons. Throughout high school Cameron maintained his study of music theory and continued pursuit of understanding both the drums and guitar, whilst playing in a number of different groups and bands stylistically ranging from hard rock to jazz.

Shortly after receiving his AFA degree, Cameron began working as a retail manager and teacher at Hix Bros. Music alongside his former guitar and drum instructors, where he has since garnered over six years of teaching experience, as well as learning a great deal about music gear and professional audio.

These days, Cameron is still playing in a number of different local groups in both a guitar and drumming capacity, as well as actively writing, recording, and producing his own songs. As a teacher, he is excited to offer students an avenue to achieving their personalized goals in music, following his philosophy that learning should be tailored to each individual student and made to be fun as well as practical.

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