​Catherine Sulla


​Catherine Sulla

About ​Catherine Sulla

​Catherine Sulla is a dramatic soprano who graduated from Millikin University in 2016 as a high talent scholarship holder. She is always continuing to work on her craft and is working toward her Master’s degree in vocal performance at Western Illinois University, studying under Dr. Penelope Shumate. 

While her main focus is opera, she does teach and sing musical theater and CCM. Her approach to singing is all about building a good foundation in posture and breath and helping students find their voice through healthy and free vocal production. Catherine’s goal is to build confidence in her singers through positive reinforcement and a passion for exploration and experimentation with their instruments.  

Every student has a unique and beautiful instrument so no two students will have the exact same lesson structure because Catherine caters to each student’s strengths and learning styles. She treats her studio as a positive learning environment where she encourages her students to have fun, make mistakes, and grow!