Your First Voice Lesson: What to Expect and How to Prepare

Your First Voice Lesson: What to Expect and How to Prepare

If it’s your first time attending voice lessons, congratulations! You’ve finally taken your first big step to becoming a great singer. Voice lessons are essential for those who want to learn to sing or improve their singing. After all, it doesn’t just take an awesome voice to be good at singing.

Here at Music and Dance Academy, we understand how students can be clueless and frightened especially when they’re just beginning their voice lessons, so our team has put together here this guide on what to know about voice lessons for you to make the most out of them and be the great singer you are ought to be.

What to expect with voice lessons

Signing up for voice lessons can really be a huge step especially for those who are not used to singing or performing in front of others, let alone to a professional voice teacher.

But before you get worried and all, do take note that teachers are there to guide and support you, not to intimidate nor criticize you. So let go of all your nervous energy because you’re in for an exciting journey!

At Music and Dance Academy, all our teachers have university degree in music specializing in voice, who sing everything from pop, jazz to opera. They are all experienced in performing as well so they can effectively teach students all the important skills in singing such as proper breathing, proper pitch, and how to project on stage.

How to prepare for voice lessons

First off, you may need to set your goal. This will help you and your teacher form your ‘gameplan’. Do you want to be a broadway singer? Would you like to be a professional singer or would you sing as a hobby?

Your teacher may ask you to do some vocal exercises to assess your current range or style. Be prepared for that.

If you want to perform a song perfectly, you will have to go deeper into the song’s true meaning. So, you will have to put effort in analyzing and applying your own interpretation of each song that you will be performing.

Lastly, don’t be too hard on yourself. Allow yourself to grow. Keep in mind that this is a learning period for you. So, accept your own unique voice and train well with your teacher. Make it a worthwhile experience.

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