Why Ear Training is Essential for Every Music Student

Why Ear Training is Essential for Every Music Student

One of the most important component of studying music is the ear training. With ear training, students develop their inner ear. It enables them to hear accurately and be able to mentally identify musical elements while listening. This is why most colleges and conservatories require their students to take ear training courses as part of their musical

Have you ever heard of “perfect pitch”?

Perfect pitch is the ability to hear and identify pitches accurately in an instant. This skill seems to come naturally to those who have begun their practice of musical instruments such as piano and strings at a very young age. However, students who have started practicing later in life tend to have a hard time learning this skill.

If your kids are trying to learn music at a young age, then that’s perfect. They’ll get to develop their perfect pitch in no time.

Other musicians cope by developing their relative pitch.

But what is relative pitch?

Relative pitch is the ability to distinguish between different notes along with the quality of varied musical elements like scale and chords. Anyone can train their relative pitch.

You have relative pitch when you are able to listen to music and identify any difference.

By studying and practicing ear training we improve our musical prowess. With ear training, we are able to fully understand the music we listen to and we produce.

Learning new music can be faster by being able to recognize and anticipate all the elements.

While it takes time and patience, training your relative pitch can be very rewarding. It opens doors for you and lets you explore all your musical abilities.

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