Voice Lessons for Kids: 5 Great Ways to Support your Child

Voice Lessons for Kids: 5 Great Ways to Support your Child

There are so many reasons why voice lessons for kids are a great idea. From basic singing lessons to the love of musical theater, they are just a fantastic way to boost your child’s’ confidence levels, nurture their talents, develop better brain function and  enhance their social and communication skills.


In the music industry, there is an ongoing debate that children should begin voice lessons once they have begun to go through puberty. This is not necessarily true as there is no correct age for a child to start voice lessons.

Many children as young as 3 or 4 years old could benefit from basic music lessons. However, it will still depend on your child’s abilities and interests, the voice teacher and the program. There are different programs and various ways of teaching in each stage of a child’s development. These programs require a certain amount of focus so your child must be old enough to have the ability to concentrate.


There are many ways you can show support to your child’s vocal lessons. Here are some of them.

  1. Be reassuring and positive – Focus on saying nice words like “you are doing great” and “it’s beautiful”. Tell your child what you admire about him and how proud of him you are. By staying positive, you are setting him up for success.
  2. Encourage exercises – Vocal warm-ups and exercises are important for your child’s singing development. These exercises can also help keep their vocal health strong and flexible.
  3. Provide a healthy diet – Ensuring that your child is eating healthy and drinking sufficient water can make a difference when it comes to his singing voice. Avoid secondhand smoke as it can be harmful in so many ways, most notably to your child’s voice.
  4. Encourage positive speaking habits – Children’s voice can be easily damaged. Encourage your child to practice healthy speaking habits such as avoiding screaming, whispering, belting, etc.
  5. Be present – Attend your child’s recitals and concerts. Seeing you in the audience would mean a lot to him.

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