Great Ways to Learn Music Faster

Great Ways to Learn Music Faster

Sharing music with an audience is one of the greatest feelings out there. The thrill of playing your heart and soul out with an instrument or singing your voice out on stage. However, before you can get on stage and share your heart and soul through music, you should make sure that you’ve practiced. But how do you learn the piece you want to play faster? 

Great Strategies You Can Use to Improve

Practicing music isn’t always easy and many give up because they aren’t showing progress fast enough. Don’t give up, many great artists today weren’t born that way. They practiced their hearts out and never gave up. To help cultivate your talent, here are a few great techniques that you can use to improve your learning.

Space Out Practice Sessions

Usually in a practice session, you’ll be repeating the song you want to play over and over again.If you only hear something once, your brain will save it to your short term memory and you’ll forget it fairly quickly. Repeating something over and over again, however, makes it so that your brain will save it to long term memory. However, doing something repeatedly can only do so much so you need to space out these repetitions and not overwhelm yourself. 

This is a technique called spaced repetition. The general idea for this tactic is that the more you do something, the better you’ll get. This doesn’t only work for music and can easily be used to improve in other areas like work or studies.

Take Breaks

Taking breaks might not seem like a great way to learn music faster. However, it’s been proven that taking breaks helps children learn faster than just cramming everything into a single prolonged session. Taking breaks lets your brain reset and dump all of the stress building up during a practice session. The result? A fresh mind ready to learn more in the next session.

Listen Before You Play

Before trying to play a piece, you should always know how it plays until the end. This lets you know exactly what the song should sound like instead of what the song would sound like. It lets you get a feel for the song and not just the notes that you’re going to be playing. It sets an expectation and you’ll know when you’ve made a mistake.

Split the Piece into Bite Sized Pieces

Similar to how you should be spacing out your practice sessions, splitting a piece into several parts can help you learn the song faster. Split the song and practice those parts individually. A great way to split music is to listen to it first. After listening to it, match sections of the music that meld together. As you master each section you’ll eventually be able to string them together and start playing flawlessly.

Playing music is a pleasure for many, but you don’t just get born as a musical genius. Most of the time you’ll need to learn how to properly play an instrument over the course of several years. Cultivate your musical talent with us at Music and Dance Tucson today! 

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