Benefits Of Dancing

Benefits Of Dancing

Dance lessons might seem like all fun and games to onlookers, but dancing has more tangible benefits than you think. Dancing can improve your general well being, keep stress at bay, help build your confidence and even meet new friends. Keep reading if you’re curious to find out what dancing can do for you and your children. 

Improve Your General Well Being

Dancing is considered by many to be a form of exercise. Every dance will make you feel as though you’ve been jogging the same amount of time. Better yet, dancing is a full body exercise so it isn’t just your legs that are getting the exercise. You can be sure that you’re managing your body well whenever you decide to take dance lessons.

If you think you’re not strong enough or have a disability that keeps you from enjoying the benefits of dancing then think again. Some dances are gentle enough for those with physical disabilities to join in on the fun. Ballroom for example can be as intense or as gentle as the dancer wants it to be which means that no one is left out from the art of dance so long as the dancer is willing.

Dance The Stress Away

Stress can be a kicker in everyone’s life and coping with it is something we do in various ways. Some exercise, go have a good meal, watch tv, and any other thing they can do to focus on an activity rather than the stress. Dancing is one of these stress relievers that many people turn to when life gets the better of them.

Dancing is a great way to get rid of stress as you need laser focus to be able to perform all the moves perfectly. You either have to focus on what’s causing the stress in your life or on the dance. Most of the time you’re going to focus on the dance especially if you’re in a group where coordination and timing are incredibly important.

Stress release with dancing also has a scientific reasoning behind it. During any physical activity, our bodies release chemicals known as endorphins which is similar to morphine. Endorphins are known to numb pain but more importantly make you feel happy. The main difference between endorphins and morphine is that endorphins don’t need to enter your body through a needle and instead is produced when you do something you enjoy or is physically draining.

Improve Your Confidence

Getting out there and dancing with a group of people definitely has its effect on your confidence. It gives you a way to release your pent up emotions in front of either a crowd of onlookers or with your classmates in a dance lesson. Over time you’ll get used to dancing with others and your confidence will grow as you master techniques in your chosen dance. Building your confidence while dancing will definitely help you transfer that confidence elsewhere, may it be at work or at home.

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