Ballet Practice Tips for Beginners

Ballet Practice Tips for Beginners

There’s a first time for everything and being a beginner in a ballet class can be a daunting situation to be in. Don’t fret as we’ve got your back. Here are a few ways you can make your ballet class easier and more fluid.

Be Early to Class

Being on time is proper etiquette in any class and ballet classes are no different. Being late to a class gives the impression that you’re not interested in learning so you want to be as early as your schedule allows to avoid being late. Take into account the distance from your home and the level of traffic that you might encounter.

Being early definitely has its benefits. Not only does it show that you’re interested in the class but it also lets you meet new people that could help you in the future with your technique. It even lets you pick your own spot at the barre. When picking a spot at the barre, the middle and rear being ideal for beginners as it lets you observe the dancers in front of you.

Stretch Before Practice

All movement intensive activities are easier with proper stretching and ballet is no exception. Stretching helps your body become more flexible and prepare for the activities that you or your instructor has in mind. It also makes sure that you don’t sprain yourself from suddenly pulling a muscle after stretching your arms or legs too far and reduces how sore you’ll be the following days after your dance class or lesson.

Focus on Your Posture

Ballet is a dance focused on good figure and posture. Proper posture when doing ballet is very important as it helps you more easily do your ballet maneuvers without injuring yourself. During practice your techniques and posture will improve over time but starting things off right is just as important as improving over time. A great starting point for good posture would be to:

  • Keep your chin up and never look at your own feet.
  • Square your hips and keep it that way unless the technique doesn’t require your hips  to be squared
  • Keep your back straight and don’t slouch
  • Relax your shoulders to keep your arms flexible.

With the right posture you’ll be able to learn better and perform better than those neglecting it so stand up straight and keep your chin up.

Don’t Be Afraid To Fail

Failing is part of the learning process in any class and failing in ballet is a common occurrence among beginners. Just make sure to learn from your mistakes and you’ll be able to land that pirouette in no time. You don’t have to just learn from your own mistakes either. You can also watch how others perform and fail to learn from their mistakes without making those mistakes yourself.

Enjoy Yourself!

What’s the point of going to a ballet class if you aren’t having a little fun on the dance floor? Enjoying yourself while practicing does a lot for your confidence and helps you retain the information that you learned during class, so step up and have fun!

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