5 Ways to Learn Dance Choreography More Quickly

5 Ways to Learn Dance Choreography More Quickly

The journey in learning dance gets even more fun and interesting when you can pick up choreography faster.

It can be too frustrating when you forget the movement and get confused while practicing. It takes a lot of time and practice, but mastering dance choreography is totally worth it.

Here are some tips to keep in mind when trying to learn a new piece.

1. Watch and learn.

When trying to memorize a new dance choreography, the very first thing you will need to do is to watch and understand it fully. Oftentimes, it can be tempting to try and copy the dance steps the moment you watch it. It will be
more effective if you internalize first on how you execute the choreography before you rehearse your muscle memory.

2. Break down the choreography into parts.

Our mind can only process a limited amount of information at a time. If the movement gets too hard and complex, there is no better way to simplify it than to segment it into more understandable parts.

3. Don’t be in such a haste.

When learning things, it is best to set some time for all of it to register. If you try to take it all in at once, chances are you’ll end up learning it wrong. Doing this only delays the learning process.

4. Don’t get too fixated on perfecting a difficult step before moving to the next.

If there’s one movement that you just can’t master, go and practice the next step. Try to execute the difficult dance step as close enough as you can and then move on. You can always go back and improve its execution later.

5. Sign up for dance classes.

Highly experienced dance instructors will surely be able to help you pinpoint the areas you need to improve on. Moreover, you’ll get to learn more creative approaches enabling you to learn the choreography better. By signing up to various dance classes, you’ll generally be able to train your brain and improve your skills in absorbing dance steps more quickly.

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