5 Reasons Your Child Should Take Drum Lessons

5 Reasons Your Child Should Take Drum Lessons

Music is an integral part of our history and one of the earliest forms of music that was made by our ancestors was drumming. Today, drumming is a spectacle to behold in performances revolving around loud and impactful music. Paired with guitars, bass, and keyboards in concerts, these loud and in charge instruments are the centerpiece of any performance and more often than not, dictate the rhythm of the rest of the group. 

The Benefits of Drumming

Drumming is different from many other types of music. Where most instruments focus on melodies, the drums focus on timing and rhythm. Drumming can be an entirely different experience from other instruments and will require your child to improve in different ways from other young musicians.

Drumming is a Great Workout

Playing the drums is vastly different from other instruments as most types of drums require the use of your entire body. Your child will be swinging his arms and kicking down a foot pad repeatedly over a performance and it is quite common to find him or her covered in sweat after a great performance.

Beat Stress 

Since drumming is such a great workout, it only makes sense that it shares the same amount of stress relief that a more standard workout gives. Whenever you exercise, your body releases endorphins that improve your mood and general well being. 

Not only does your child beat his drum set and create great music, but your child also beats stress in the head with each swing of his drum sticks and every kick of his footpad.

Improve Academically

Drumming not only demands that your child be ready to have an intense workout everytime they pick up the drum sticks, but to also be ready to give their brains a workout. Every performance with a drum set requires that they practice the rhythm of the piece they’re going to do. This means that each piece trains their minds to be diligent in practice which translates to better diligence in other aspects of their life. Drumming also helps with timing and coordination as drummers need to be able to time their beat to the rhythm while using all four of their limbs to create a meaningful performance.

Improve Confidence and Leadership Skills

Unlike other instruments in a performance, the drummer is one of the most important members in a band performance. A rock performance will fall apart at the seams without the drummer because it is up to the drummer to set the rhythm for the rest of the band members. This requires that they are confident in the music that they are playing. This not only helps your young drummer improve their rhythm but it also boosts their confidence and leadership skills.

Drumming is Good Old Fashion Fun

Who says music has to be restrictive and boring? Drumming is a fun activity for children of any age. They don’t even need to be actual “drummers” to start drumming as picking up two sticks and beating it on pots and pans can  just be as fun as the real thing. But eventually, when they do decide they want to level up from just pots and pans to an actual drum set, Music and Dance Academy will be there to help your child reach their full potential!

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