5 Reasons to Take Public Dance Classes

5 Reasons to Take Public Dance Classes

Dancing is a great way to learn better coordination and balance and you might be unsure of whether you should take a private lesson or a public dance class.

Both types of classes have their benefits and are good at improving your ability to dance. But if you want to get out there and experience dancing at its fullest while learning from several people at once then taking group lessons might be for you.

Sharing Experience and Learning Together

The great benefit to dancing in a group is that you aren’t just learning from one person but from many others that are in the same class as you. Watching and learning from a single person might be great for learning a dance but witnessing and experiencing several people perform and making mistakes lets you internalize what and what not to do when dancing. Experience is the best teacher as they say and sharing dance experience with your classmates helps you grow better as a dancer.

Dancing as a Social Experience

Dancing in a group not only provides you more people to learn from but also lets you socialize with new people. You’ll be dancing with people from all walks of life with different backgrounds but nevertheless you’ll be in a room with people who have the same interests as you. Group dance lessons are a fantastic starting point for creating new friendships that could last a lifetime.

Who knows? You might even start a romance on the dance floor as you and your partner swing and sway to the beat of the music.

Better Coordination 

Most dances need collaboration and adapting on the fly in order to dance in unison. Dances like ballroom dancing requires that both participants to be able to adjust to their partner’s style and movements. When you dance in a group, you also have to take account of spacing and pacing around other people in order to avoid stumbling into their dance space.

All of this will slowly become more natural as you become more experienced dancing in a group.

Learn To Lead and Follow

Leading and following is an important skill to consider when dancing in a group. Dancing in a group helps build your confidence more than just dancing with your instructor. The more people you dance with, the better you’ll be able to more confidently adjust how to lead and to follow another person’s movements, and style.

What better way to learn the fundamentals of leading and following than to sign up for a group lesson and learning on the fly with several different dance partners.

Cheaper than Private Lessons

Learning in a group is much cheaper when compared to taking private lessons. You and several participants will be sharing the cost of the instructor’s time. The cost of a good dance lesson may be split between participants but you gain so much more experience learning from the experience of more experienced dancers and the mistakes that they can make instead of  just slowly making mistakes on your own in a private lesson.

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