Ballroom and Social Dance

Social Dance is a category of dance forms where sociability is the primary focus of the dancing. When one thinks of social dance they often only think of ballroom and other partner dancing. While many social dances are indeed partner dances, social dance also includes other groups such as line dances and even club dancing in solo.

Whether you’re the bride and groom, headed for a night out on the town, attending a special event, or just looking for a recurring recreational activity, social dance skills are useful and you can have loads of fun!!

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A Guide to Ballroom Dances – Use this helpful guide to become acquainted with the basic dances.

Waltz is considered the mother of modern-day dances. Its beautiful sweeping movement allows dancers to practice balance and control.

Considered the “dancer’s dance”, the tango’s bold and dramatic action soon makes it a favorite of all who learn it.FOXTROT
Considered the standard of social dances, the elegant foxtrot provides a solid foundation for all dances and is often called the “get acquainted” dance.

One of the most popular Latin dances in the U.S., the infections beat of the Cha Cha makes it fast, fun and flirty.RUMBA
Inspired by African rhythms and Spanish melodies, the rumba is slow and romantic. It will develop your rhythm, timing, and muscular control.

Fast, sexy, and unique in its timing, mambo will enhance your ability to “hear” the music and to develop your self-expression.

The national dance of Brazil, samba is bold, dramatic and very energetic. Samba’s vertical bounce action makes it unique.

Merengue is one of the simplest dances to learn. Fast-paced and sexy, its uncomplicated, compact steps make it perfect for a small dance floor.

East Coast Swing: In the early 20th century bandleader Benny Goodman played a Fletcher Henderson arrangement of “Stompin’ at the Savoy” and Swing was born. This uniquely American dance is sophisticated, carefree and fun.

The state of dance of California, WCS is playful, versatile, and allows dancers to develop their versatility and self-expression. It is a very popular dance in the Southwest and is well-suited to a nightclub or country/western setting.

Progressive Two-Step: Fast fund, and energetic, the Progressive Two-Step is designed to travel around the dance floor. Patterns begin with simple turns and become more dynamic with practice. This is a great dance for developing lead or follow skills.

Rhythm has many interesting, dynamic patterns and is great fun; however, it is a regional dance and does not travel around the room making it ideal for small dance floor.

An interesting hybrid of country and smooth dancing NC2 is slow, romantic, and very expressive. It makes a beautiful first dance for a wedding couple and is not limited to country/western style music.

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