November 2020 Newsletter

November 2020 Newsletter


Ask a Cappella Teacher!


Mr. Sean


What is your first musical memory?

Here’s a memory from the age of seven: my dad would play a song he renamed the “Swamp Monster Song” on some winter mornings when mist covered the wooded valley next to our home. It had an eerie piano part on the lower register. My brothers and I imagined that, with each note, the swamp monster was stomping out of the swamp, and we eagerly stomped along, feeling quite suspenseful!

What inspired you to become a music teacher?

I love to experience the thrill of discovery, when you learn something new and it connects to previous learning like a puzzle piece. A couple years ago, I considered teaching music for the first time: it occurred to me that I could help students to make such discoveries themselves. Indeed, I find it to be one of the greatest rewards!

What practice tips and tricks do you have for Cappella Academy students?

I once received this great advice: when working on a song, play it in two ways, performance mode and practice mode. In performance mode, play through the song for enjoyment, letting yourself move through little mistakes without stopping. In practice mode, play through the song and make notes of all the passages that challenge you. Then, go back through and practice those passages by themselves.

What is the one thing you want your students to take away from their lessons with you?

I want my students to have a strong sense that they can achieve their musical goals, that with small steps each day, they will be able to play the challenging songs they love.

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Welcome Our New Instructors!



Ms. Christine has over three decades of teaching experience! She has been a Suzuki parent since 1987 and a Certified Suzuki teacher since 1988. Having been a parent to her own 3 children and a teacher for 33 years, she fully understands the interworking relationship among the student, parent, and teacher, as well as the key factors of creating a nurturing environment for success.

Ms. Christine’s ultimate hope is to reach out to any part of the world with the Suzuki philosophy and to mold her students to become loving, responsible citizens who are a light in the world and benefit humankind. Aside from the joy of music itself, Ms. Christine finds piano playing can be a form of stress reduction method. She looks forward to cultivating students of any age to develop the love of piano playing!



Mr. Daniel is an aspiring music room public school teacher currently finishing his Bachelors of Arts in Music Education at Western Washington University. He began playing viola and violin 12 years ago starting in the public school system, and has been teaching both instruments privately for over three years. He also has extensive performing experience in the Washington State music community.

Mr. Daniel believes in creating a teaching environment that involves the input of his students to ensure both student success and satisfaction. He believes in using many different approaches to reinforce common themes for being a good musician. Mr. Daniel is very excited to be on the team at Cappella Music Academy and cannot wait to meet his students!

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Congratulations to Jerome Mercado!


A big congratulations to Ms. Carol’s amazing student

Jerome Mercado on being the 5th place winner in the Charleston 2020 Fan Favorite Music Competition!

Jerome started with violin as his first instrument at the age of 11. He moved onto and dedicated most of his free time to the piano at the age of 12, in June of 2018. He enjoys playing pieces composed by Frederic Chopin and hopes to be just as good as him someday!

Check out his performance on our Youtube Channel! While we are not affiliated with The Charleston Competition, we are so excited to have our students submit their videos and perform! If you’re interested in having your student or yourself try out for future competitions, be sure to keep an eye out for more details in our upcoming student newsletters!

Congratulations again, Jerome! We are so proud of your hard work and dedication, and we are excited to see what the future holds for you!



Max B. – Piano

Joshua M. – Piano

Nevea R. – Piano

Jeremiah R. – Cello

Lucy R. – Ukulele

Ace C. – Piano

Adalyn C. – Piano

Sutton E. – Piano

Olivia R. – Ukulele

David M. – Guitar

Nina M. – Piano

Josia D. – Violin

Revery B. – Violin

Nicholas O. – Guitar

Garrett C. – Guitar

Jaslene R. – Piano

Troy R. – Ukulele

Leah L. – Piano

Lily B. – Voice

Mira R. – Piano

Haddie B. – Piano

Aria L. – Piano

Alexa R. – Piano/Violin/Voice

Kate N. – Guitar

Brody R. – Guitar

Laef N. – Piano

Grace W. – Piano

Micah W. – Piano

Meg N. – Voice

Gilbert K. – Piano

Joey M. – Violin

Andrea A. – Piano

Collins F. – Piano

John Paul T. – Drums

Violet W. – Piano

Candice V. – Piano

Enzo L. – Drums

Jessie D. – Piano

Aalyah A. – Guitar

Natalya S. – Drums

Rene T. – Piano

Albert Y. – Piano

Jeremy Y. – Piano

Justin S. – Guitar

Paisley M. – Piano

Adriana C. – Ukulele

Nakota M. – Violin

Saesha K. – Voice

Mable R. – Drums

Faith N. – Piano

Jillian S. – Guitar/Piano

Amanda C. – Guitar

Kaleb E. – Guitar

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