May 2020 Newsletter

May 2020 Newsletter

FREE Saturday Bonus Classes

Cappella Music Academy is proud to offer FREE Saturday Bonus Classes!

These free classes are an incentive exclusively for Cappella students, and we know you’ll love them!

You may participate in ANY of these classes, regardless of the instrument or instructor with whom you normally take your weekly private lessons!

Sign up for a fun extra learning opportunity!

FREE Saturday Bonus Classes may also be used as makeup classes for any missed regular private lessons.

We can’t wait to have you participate in one of these exciting classes! Call or email us to sign up for an extra FREE class today!


What style of music do you teach?

Our music teachers teach a variety of styles from rock, pop, and jazz, to country, blues, and classical!

Whether you want to learn Bach or Alicia Keys, our teachers are happy to help you become the musician you want to be!

In the first lesson, your teacher will ask you about your favorite type of music and set goals to help you accomplish whatever musical aspirations you have for yourself!

Our music staff will show you the fundamentals of sight-reading, technique, and theory but will also incorporate your favorite songs into your lessons.

Our teachers are dedicated to teaching you the style of music that YOU want to learn!

Get Your 1st Lesson FREE!

Give your family the BEST music lesson experience possible at Washington’s elite music school, Cappella Music Academy!

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FREE 1st lesson is applied upon enrollment. Monthly tuition and registration fee apply.

Ask a Capella Teacher!

Mr. Gavin – Drums

What is your first musical memory?

The first musical memory that I remember is when my mum showed me her old classical guitar. It was given to her by her grandfather and now it is in my possession. She taught me how to play the theme for The Godfather when I was probably 6 or 7 years old.

What is your favorite part about being a drum teacher?

My favorite thing is that moment when a rhythm, or a song, or a rudiment, or any concept finally clicks with a student. There is a look upon their faces like everything finally makes sense. When your mind and body get into sync. It brings back nostalgia from the times when I had this same sort of breakthroughs. That lightbulb moment is what makes teaching worth it.

What practice tips and tricks do you have for Cappella Academy students?

Practice constantly, and I don’t mean just picking up your instrument and playing 20 minutes a day, which you should. Create your own music when you walk down the street by feeling your footsteps in a particular rhythm. Be mindful, think about what your body has to physically do before you do it. And that means playing slow, like as slow as you can. If you can’t play something slow, you can’t play it at all. When trying to tab out a song on your own, listen to the bass. Usually the bass instrument is the dead giveaway for the “feel” of the piece of music.

What is the one thing you want your students to take away from their lessons with you?

One thing I’d like my students to take away from our lessons is being able to listen. Listen to a piece of music and being able to find the rhythms, find the main accented beats by just trusting your ears. That’ll come from listening to tons of music as often as you can.

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Sydney D. – Guitar

Zavier C. – Bass/drums

Samuel R. – Violin

Aspen H. – Drums

Yunji B. – Piano

Kaitlyn R. – Guitar

Trever B. – Drums

Lisa L. – Guitar

Spring Recitals Now Online!

We are excited to be conducting our 2020 Cappella Music Academy Spring Recitals via our social media outlets (IG, FB, and YouTube) in lieu of our live, in-person performances!

These fun social media recitals will be an opportunity for you to share your performances with ALL of your friends and family, even those who live out of town!

Performances will be posted to Cappella Music Academy social media outlets over the recital weekend (Friday-Monday, June 5-8th).

Here’s to another great round of Spring Recitals! We can’t WAIT to see all of your awesome performance videos!

Start your musical journey today