March Newsletter


Meet Our New Guitarist Instructor

Mr. Mars is a performer, worship leader and music educator in Seattle/ Tacoma. Originally hailing from the greater Chicago area, Mars created a lifelong career as a musician through touring regionally and performing at notable venues throughout Chicago and the Midwest as well as teaching thousands of private students and group classes.

Mr. Mars’s trademark is his vibrant energy and unwavering work ethic as a performer on stage and in the studio, as a music teacher, and as a worship leader. A dedicated and skilled educator, he has developed a musical curriculum for tens of thousands of private and group lessons for both aspiring and experienced players of all ages.

In partnership with the Consolidated Music of Barrington IL, he co-founded Rockstar 101, a rock school in the Chicago area. Mr. Mars is proud to have been a contemporary worship leader at Advent Lutheran Church in University City Charlotte NC, prior to relocating to Las Vegas Nevada in August of 2019.

Mr. Mars specializes in rock, blues, folk, progressive, R&B, alternative, indie, country and acoustic styles of guitar playing. He also specializes in vocal arrangement and singer/songwriter creative work. He draws from a deep understanding of the history of music as well as contemporary trends to be a part of the exciting future of music with passion and love for the craft. His ability to stay on top of current music trends has resulted in an ever-expanding repertoire and the ability to stay relevant in a constantly changing musical environment. He understands that each student is unique and adapts his teaching style to the strengths and needs of the individual.

Enroll in guitar lessons with Mr. Mars today! 

Call us at 253-470-8050

We are closed for Spring Break! 

April 6th – 11th

There are no make-ups for scheduled holidays, as tuition is based upon a 48 week year. Most music and dance schools operate this way. We do this to keep your tuition at the same low rate every month!


We are SUPER excited to offer top-notch, highly convenient live-stream lessons! You can keep your current lesson time and your favorite teacher while continuing live-stream lessons, without skipping a beat! We have several students that are extremely successful in live-stream lessons!

Here are just some of the MANY benefits of lives-stream lessons:

– Top-notch lessons without ever having to leave the comfort of your home!

– Private, one-on-one lessons with your favorite teacher!

– Customized, online lessons using state-of-the-art technology.

– Convenient music instruction using your own instrument at home!

If you’d like to take advantage of live-stream lessons, please give us a call or send us an email, and we’ll get you all set up!

Cappella Music Academy is now offering INSTRUMENT RENTALS!

We include free maintenance, teacher-approved instruments, and month to month contracts! Contact us today to learn more about our instruments and pricing!


We are the only music school in Pierce County that gives their students the opportunity to earn special color wristband bracelets (kids and teens love them!), trophies AND certificates for passing musical tests.

When our students have a test coming up, they practice more, and their parents are proud, their teachers are proud, and everybody wins. You can only get the Musical Ladder here!

We also specialize in music lessons for adults!

Welcome, New Students!

Russell D. – Drums

Roberta L. – Guitar

Ryan W. – Guitar

Gracie G. – Choir

Vilada P. – Piano

Reese W. – Violin

Lily R. – Choir

Bryce E. – Voice

Emma L. – Guitar

Victoria L. – Piano

Jack G. – Piano

Fiona L. – Voice

William H. – Bass Guitar

Deanna D. – Voice

Jacob H. – Piano

Hannah R. – Piano

Summer R. – Piano

Charlotte R. – Piano

Sadie S. – Piano

Isaiah B. – Drums

Dylan G. – Piano

Anna S. – Choir

Alana L. – Cello

Emma G. – Piano

Nathanael L. – Piano

Layla M. – Piano

Sedona M. – Piano

Amahle F. – Violin

Kriztian L. – Piano

Olivia B. – Violin

Jessie C. – Guitar

Titan L. – Piano

Noah F. – Piano

Hannah D. – Violin

Zoe T. – Piano

Tye H. – Voice

Aurelia W. – Ukulele

Gianna E. – Piano

Hana H. – Choir

Xena A. – Piano

Aydin F. – Voice

Cris G. – Voice

Isabella D. – Ukulele

John E. – Piano

Aalyah A. – Guitar

Isabella D. – Ukulele

Chris B. – Flute


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