January 2021 Newsletter

January 2021 Newsletter

Welcome Our New Instructors!

Ms. Loukwha

Ms. Loukwha has been teaching music lessons for over 10 years after graduating with a Major in Music in Thailand in 2008. Since moving to Seattle, she has discovered a love for teaching music not only to adults but also with younger students as well. She wrote a teaching curriculum, taught music, and conducted several concerts at TLC Montessori school in Sammamish, Washington. She continued to pursue her love of teaching all ages when she moved to Oahu, HI in 2016. While there, she was happy to be involved in music education as she operated a music camp for early childhood students and worked as an elementary school music teacher.

When she wasn’t teaching in Hawaii, Ms. Loukwha spent her time off exploring and enjoying the ocean, hiking, and photographing. Now living in Gig Harbor with her husband and their dog, she is glad to be back and feels at home here. Her goal is to make music lessons fun for every student. Seeing her students grow with music keeps her passionate about teaching!

Mr. Guillermo

Born and raised in Puerto Rico, Mr. Guillermo started learning music and playing the violin at the age of eleven. He obtained a bachelor’s degree in violin performance at the Puerto Rico Conservatory of Music. He has worked in different scenarios and stages as a member of ensembles like The Puerto Rico Philharmonic Orchestra, Tabonuco String Quartet, Fusion Jonda Caribbean-Flamenco band and many others.

Mr. Guillermo also has plenty of experience working with students between the ages 8-18 years, since he worked for five years at the musical program “Música 100×35”. He taught violin lessons and conducted string orchestras. Outside of music, he is also a passionate barista and coffee lover who likes to enjoy hiking and cats.

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Ask a Cappella Teacher!

Mr. Andrew

What is your first musical memory?

I remember watching my dad play the electric guitar and I thought it was magic. I was in love with the instrument ever since that moment.

What inspired you to become a music teacher?

I enjoy being a part of a process where someone learns their potential, sets goals, and works towards those goal. I enjoy seeing people who are passionate about something, and music happens to be an art that demands the passion.

What practice tips and tricks do you have for Cappella Academy students?

I like to remind my students that there is a lot of work that goes into becoming a good musician. Since that can cause some stress, it is always important to enjoy the fun and creative side of music. Take a break from scales, site reading, and theory, and write a song, create a chord progression, or just get creative with it.

What is the one thing you want your students to take away from their lessons with you?

Of course I hope that my students grow musically, but I also hope that my lessons bring discipline and passion into their everyday lives. Even if they don’t continue to play music into their later years, they will know the commitment and discipline it takes to achieve any goal.

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Micah R. – Violin

Cruz N. – Drums

Eliel G. – Piano

Nora P. – Piano

Theralani T. – Piano

Falani T. – Piano

Mira D. – Guitar

Talia D. – Piano

Nora U. – Guitar/Piano

Ethan H. – Piano

Julie L. – Ukulele

Sidney W. – Voice

Taylor A. – Guitar

Eli G. – Guitar

Hayden W. – Piano

Amelia K. – Violin

Logan B. – Piano

Amaleki H. – Guitar

Penny E. – Guitar

Alex H. – Guitar

Jade L. – Piano

Camila R. – Violin

Bianca P. – Drums

Gabi P. – Piano

Kash R. – Violin

Adriana Z. – Voice

Max B. – Guitar

Jack B. – Guitar

Kaitlyn H. – Voice

Zane S. – Piano

Ashlyn A. – Guitar

Sophia C. – Piano

Hannah M. – Guitar

Luke R. – Guitar

Madison C. – Piano

Chris C. – Guitar

Haidyn S. – Violin

Ethan H. – Guitar

Madeline L. – Voice

Cappella History Corner

How did Cappella Academy get started?

Cappella Music Academy was originally founded over 20 years ago, when Brittany Bennett, founder and CEO, began offering private piano and voice lessons from a small, private home studio in 1998. In 2015, Ms. Bennett, along with her husband, Daniel Bennett, had the vision of creating a space where all members of the community could participate and take lessons in every aspect of music and instrumentation on a wide range of instruments, regardless of their prior musical experience and background.

Today, Cappella Music Academy has a student base of several hundred individuals of all ages and skill levels learning piano, guitar, bass, drums, ukulele, cello, violin, viola, flute, piccolo, cello, voice and more. It continues to be Daniel and Brittany Bennett’s mission to equip students of all ages and backgrounds with the highest caliber of musical education and they have remained committed to this vision to date. Their unrelenting purpose of equipping unique and creative musicians has been the pillar of strength for Cappella Music Academy’s success.

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