February 2021 Newsletter

February 2021 Newsletter



Jayden F. – Voice

Quincy W. – Guitar/Voice

Charlie R. – Guitar

Robert T. – Guitar

Laura Elise A. – Piano

Oliver B. – Piano

Svetlozara B. – Piano

Jesse C. – Piano

Jami M. – Ukulele

Qianna K. – Viola

Nicole R. – Piano

Calvin H. – Guitar

Lily H. – Piano

Korinne D. – Viola

Kevin F. – Voice

Heather L. – Piano

Maggie F. – Violin

Eli H. – Violin

Mia N. – Piano

Zoe S. – Piano

Gemma C. – Ukulele

Annabelle B. – Voice

Alecia L. – Guitar

Nicholas E. – Piano

Quinn K. – Voice

Hazel H. – Guitar

Yunha P. – Violin

Emily W. – Guitar

Emily T. – Guitar

Sharlene M. – Voice

Michelle M. – Voice

Ryan F. – Guitar/Piano

Katelynn M. – Voice

Kimberly M. – Voice

Morghan H. – Guitar

Penelope H. – Ukulele

Shyann L. – Piano

Jericho D. – Violin

Emery M. – Violin

Ellana C. – Piano

Mark M. – Guitar

James Y. – Piano

Benjamin K. – Piano

Corrine F. – Piano

Maya M. – Ukulele/Voice

Eldon K. – Guitar

Jocelyn W. – Voice

Aditi R. – Guitar

Alandez F.- Violin

Graciela Z. – Violin

Riana O. – Ukulele

Evelyn O. – Voice

Rico B. – Piano

Aibrey B. – Voice

Gary W. – Guitar

Veha U. – Piano

Emma W. – Guitar

Jace W. – Voice

Noah B. – Piano

Marki S. – Voice

Natalie K. – Piano

Maria Victoria R. – Violin

Adriana B. – Piano

Sebastian A. – Piano

Abigail S. – Piano

Jordan W. – Drums

Conner S. – Piano

Megan R. – Guitar

Reagan D. – Guitar

Charleigh B. – Piano

Weilan K. – Piano

Kayla K. – Violin

Kieran E. – Guitar

Keiliana E. – Voice

Wyatt S. – Piano

Bohdan M. – Guitar

Waylon S. – Drums


Say Hello To Our New Instructors!


MR. BRANDON – Saxophone/Piano Instructor

Holding creative expression as a pillar of his life philosophy, Mr. Brandon is adamantly seeking to share the gift of music with anyone willing to hear! With him as your instructor, you will learn Music History, Music Theory, Technique, Repertoire, Rhythm/Groove, and Performance! He is looking forward to teaching the next generation of artists and creatives!



MS. REBEKAH – Oboe/Piano Instructor

Ms. Rebekah has been a musician all of her life, classically trained on the piano and oboe. She started teaching music students in high school and has continued ever since! Ms. Rebekah strongly believes music is a worthy scholastic endeavor and emotional outlet, and has a passion for helping others discover this same joy!



MS. FIONA – Flute/Piano Instructor

Having begun her musical journey 9 years ago, Ms. Fiona has had the opportunity to use her talents in many different venues. Her dream is to inspire and educate students as they advance their musical careers by creating a fun and encouraging atmosphere. Ms. Fiona is very excited to meet her students and cannot wait to start helping them on their musical adventure!

Enroll in music lessons with our new instructors today!


Nearly 150 students are receiving their
Musical Ladder awards in February!


We are the only school in the area that awards students with special colored wristband bracelets, awards, AND certificates for passing musical tests! When our students have a test coming up, they practice more, and their parents are proud, their teachers are proud, and everybody wins!

Do other schools offer trophies and certificates? A few. But none of them inspire their students with smiling faces by giving them full color, really cool “Musical Ladder” wristbands that they can show off to their friends!

You can only get the Musical Ladder here!

FREE Online Saturday Bonus Classes

Have you always wanted to write your own songs, take a deep dive into music theory, or learn more about a specific musical genre?

Sign up for a FREE Online Saturday Bonus Class!

These Saturday Bonus Classes are delivered via live stream by our wonderful Cappella instructors! You may participate in ANY of these classes, regardless of the instrument or instructor with whom you normally take your weekly private lessons!

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