August 2020 Newsletter

August 2020 Newsletter

Ask a Cappella Teacher!

Ms. Petra

What is your first musical memory?
Playing piano on my Mom’s toes and bugging her until she enrolled me in lessons. Then by a twist of fate, stumbling onto playing the cello, falling in love, and never looking back!

What inspired you to become a music teacher?
My teachers! The inspiration, help, and guidance they gave me when I was growing up not only instilled love in me for my instrument, but inspired me to pass on the torch, and help others connect through this wonderful world of music.

What practice tips and tricks do you have for Cappella Academy students?
Patience! Practice is hard work! Take it one phrase, one measure, one note at a time if you have to! You can’t just play something challenging by hoping for the best playing through it. Still, the hardest thing about making music is getting from one note to the next. All we have to do is have a plan and a feel for how. We have to nitpick the details and train our bodies to perfect and remember things for us. But the rewards are beautiful once it all clicks!

What is the one thing you want your students to take away from their lessons with you?
We are all here to learn new things from each other, share our passion for music, and have fun!

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Cappella History Corner

How does Capella Academy choose such amazing teachers?

Only the most qualified and experienced instructors and staff have been selected to be a part of Cappella Music Academy who shares the same enthusiasm and passion for music and the performing arts. Founders Daniel and Brittany Bennett believe in inspiring a life-long love for music in each student and they select only the best staff members who share the same zeal and passion for music.

At present, Cappella Music Academy has a staff of almost 40 individuals; this number continues to grow with the increasing number of students enrolling daily in music lessons. Cappella Music Academy takes great pride in offering its students only the most elite level of musical training through a stellar, world-class faculty and staff.

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Zailee T. – Cello

Joshua M. – Guitar

Mary L. – Voice

Xi Z. – Piano

Christian B. – Piano

Adrienne T. – Piano

Krystal D. – Violin

Raelie C. – Violin

Audrey B. – Voice

John J. – Piano

MacKenzie W. – PIano

Brie B. – Guitar

Malachi H. – Piano

Ketcher C. – Drums

Gavin C. – Guitar

Aliya B. – Drums

Nawaf K. – Piano

Calypso C. – Piano

Ellie W. – Guitar

Katelynn M. – Piano

Easton F. – Guitar

Jamie S. – Guitar

Colbey C. – Piano

James B. – Guitar

Tanisha S. – Voice

Sabrina S. – Ukulele

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